We partner and walk alongside people who have a passion and vision for their community and are committed to become ethical, appreciative, servant and visionary leaders. We link them with a variety of key leaders and organisations in society to provide access to possibilities and opportunities that help them recognise and reach their full potential.


We equip leaders by providing access to:

  • Leadership, mentoring and placement programmes
  • Educational programmes
  • Appreciative Inquiry Programmes
  • Service Learning Programmes
  • Community Programmes


We aim to transform communities and society by resourcing and equipping:

  • Ethical leaders to serve communities
  • Appreciative leaders, who see the best, believe the best and encourage people to embrace opportunities
  • Servant leaders who will serve in every sector of society: business, health, welfare, development, education, politics, family, government, sport and recreation
  • Visionary leaders to initiate and run ministries/ programmes that change communities positively.


* Amount

Funding Report January 2021

South Africa deals with a unique set of community challenges, which are approached and resolved with a unique set of community skills. CDR Equipping partners with and works alongside people that want to see their communities thrive and links them with a variety of key leaders and organisations to provide such possilblities.

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