Leadership, Mentoring and Placement Programmes


We believe that for leaders to grow and succeed they need healthy and supportive relationships. For all leaders to reach their goals and full potential we recognize the need for mentors and people who believe in them, people who are committed to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

We therefore support young leaders by providing access to a variety of:

  • Training programmes
  • Skills development opportunities
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Strategic placements

We link with families, community structures, NPO’s, schools, higher education institutions, companies and foundations to create partnerships, programmes and opportunities for leaders.

"Craig Rowe has more front-line experience of community engagement, leadership mentoring, skills development and in the transformation of people's lives than any other person I have had the honor to work with across Africa or the rest of the world. Everything he does comes from the heart and is combined with years of deep practical experience of ethical and inspiring leadership."

Dr. Simon Adams is Executive Director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect at the United Nations

"Craig Rowe the CEO of CDR Equipping involvement over the last 16 years has been instrumental in the success of Siyakholwa Development Foundation. The value CDR Equipping brings is in strategic thinking and in community development and transformation. Craig is “one of a kind’’ and a role model for many people in the Nation of South Africa and beyond."

Ngwadi Nzamo - former CEO Siyakholwa Development Foundation and Greg Eland - Director Networx