Educational Programmes


"Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. People change the world."

Paulo Freire

We believe that education is key for change in society. We support innovative practices that enhance educational spaces.

We support champions in education and encourage them by creating access to a range of educational support and training programmes. This is achieved through the many partnerships we have established. We know that through reciprocal partnerships we can achieve so much more.

The Director of our School Support Program Dr Peter Skosana provides prayer, educational support, mentoring and encouragement for schools in the West Rand. He has a team of people, educators, business people, pastors and community leaders with a range of skills and expertise are involved in supporting this initiative. In agreement with the Director, School Principals, CDRE and Dr Skosana works with the School Principal support them as they lead their schools.

“I am very passionate about sharing information because I believe that it changes people’s lives. Often students immediately say that they cannot do something, but we can help them get to the Oh-moment.”

Fernando Nhone - Equipping Minds Tutoring Programme and CDR Equipping Intern