Community Programmes


CDR Equipping provides Community Programmes that serve children in our region. We do this through an Internship Programme and a Holiday Club Programme. The applied leadership and project management training for the young leaders who run holiday clubs and children’s ministries has in turn empowered them to become role models, leaders and mentors in their own right.

We offer training for Holiday Club Programmes in partnership with churches, NGO’s, schools and local government.

“Many good leaders that I know started their careers by serving children and youth excellently, I believe if you can serve children well you can lead a community, a company or a country."

Craig Rowe

“Holiday Club gave me the chance to learn organisational and logistical skills. It opens doors for many opportunities and is a place where young leaders get the chance to touch children’s lives by showing them the love of Jesus."

Lebo Sekhotla - Global Laureate Here for Good Award Recipient and Monash South Africa Community Liaison Officer

"Holiday club is profoundly impactful. You learn the essence of leadership. It has provided opportunities for 1000s of children and 100s of leaders in the community from diverse backgrounds. My own leadership journey has grown tremendously through leading Holiday Clubs.”

Mmusi Maimane - Leader of the Democratic Alliance

“Holiday Club made us realise that while trying to achieve our own personal goals and ambitions we should not forget the needs of our communities. We were honoured to be able to serve the young people of our generation.”

Joseph Muchenje - Enterprise IT Architect at FNB and Nadia Muchenje - Senior Business Analyst at Nedbank

“Holiday Club is for fun, making friendships and learning. I have developed my skills of working with people and becoming a change agent in my community by being a part of Holiday Club.”

Francesca Nkabu - Consultant at United Nations Environmental Programme

“Holiday Club makes Gods Word a lived experience whilst creating leaders. It has made me a dynamic, versatile leader who gets to live church not just go to one."

Danielle Rowe - History subject head and Grade 8 head at North Riding Secondary School