Appreciative Inquiry


“Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is the co-operative search for the best in people, their organizations and the world around them.”

Cooperrider, Whitney & Stavros

We focus on whatever is true, whatever is just, whatever is of a good report, whatever is lovely, we fix your mind on those things. AI is a process that takes what is good in an organization and uses that to revitalize and move your organization in a positive direction.

We offer Appreciative Inquiry sessions, workshops and training, for your team, your organization, your company, your ministry applying the 5 D cycle:

Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver.

In 2016, we conducted an AI intervention with the Monash South Africa Student Representative Council. The AI process was used to ask questions about how to reimagine the curriculum and make learning fun in higher education with key Monash South Africa student leaders. Instead of focusing on the things we don’t have the students were encouraged to embrace what they do have and make the most of each situation. The Department of Community Engagement at Monash South Africa that Craig Rowe founded has developed all their programmes from an AI perspective, when students have embraced all the possibilities and strengths they have many have found themselves doing incredible exploits on a global stage.

Define - Discover - Dream - Design - Deliver

"Our current life should be characterized by three points:
1. Change without precedent before the trauma
2. Collaborative innovation from everywhere.
3. Everyone brining their inspired best everyday."

David Cooperrider